NEP Panel


NEP ensures safety and control of the productions that it has made on the energy transmission, distribution and automation systems through NEP Panel.

NEP Panel is extremely resistant against mechanical and electrical impacts of electrical energy with its specific design, powerful and well-built structure.

It has been designed by considering adaptation of all kinds of switch and control materials.

It has been prepared by considering the criterions of IEC EN 61439-1 while it is designed and succeeded in 1 sec. and 3 sec. short circuit tests from KEMA/DEKRA full type tests.

NEP Panel has 1 sec. 120kA, 3 sec. 65 kA and peak 264 kA short circuit resistance up to 5000 Amperes.

It can be produced in various types such as lighting board, power distribution board, control circuits board, control circuits (Plc, pneumatic control etc.) boards, construction site boards.

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