MDA Automation


Lighting system is a significant part of all energy usage in a closed area. Without an automated lighting system, the most of the energy is wasted because of wrong behaviours of users. MDA Automation helps residential, commercial and industrial building managers to save power and operating costs with highly integrated solutions.

The main idea is that providing the enough amount of light whenever it is required for a specific area.

System Overview

Human productivity substantially depends on the quality of the light. MDA Automation ensures desired lighting with high energy saving features. Lightings can be manually controlled on web based user interface with physical interface, smart phone, tablet and computer. To automate the operations, MDA Automation system provides to define tasks to control lighting armatures related to requirements of users. For each task, users easily sets scheduled times and/or use also well known lighting sensors as a trigger. Automation system runs these tasks on the time or/and according to sensor inputs. All task are located under scenarios so, users can create different scenarios to change operation tasks quickly.

Create, Manage and Monitor

Thanks to the web based interface, it is simple to control and monitor the whole automation system by smart phones, computers, tablet or other any device which has access to network. User can instantly create new scenario and task to control the lightings. The available scenarios also can be managed via human friendly control interface. Accessibility can be changed according to the need of project as local area network or wide area network.

Automation with a Plug!

Adding a device into the automation system is as simple as connecting device to the smart busbar power plug named Multi Devices Automation plug (MDA-Plug) . Any sensor or lighting connected to MDA plug becomes the part of the automation quickly. Automation system gives user access to manage and control the features and status of the device.


Scalable and Convertible

MDA Automation is quite flexible to adapte user’s demands. More than 10.000 devices are supported in a network. Connecting new devices to MDA-Plugs is adequate whenever user needs to expand their automation system to new areas. New devices are going to be located in new area plans. It is also adaptive to changes in working places. For new working area users can change the light groups and scenarios via the user interface.

No Cable, No Range Extender

MDA plugs connect each other with a wireless mesh network optimized for massive numbers. No cable means reducing costs of installation and operation. All network configurations are automatically handled and dynamic network repairing feature detects the failure of devices to report and heals the network connections. Users have to do nothing, it’s all automated.

Easy Installation

The MDA plug is designed to create perfectly structural coupling to the Busbars. MDA plug provides the power to device and also automation control features in the same time. All devices need a plug to be supplied by power, now it is also give the capability of controlling and monitoring to device.


It can control electrical loads up to 63 amp
Sub 1Ghz or 2.4GHz frequency band for communication
Up to 2Mbps data transfer rate on air
It can read the information from sensors and transmits to the server


It is a gateway between IP based network and control points mesh network
It works as a bridge between local network and wireless automated lighting system


It contains all information about devices, features, tasks and scenarios
The web based interface of system is presented
According to project, it can be a cload server
It controls, manages and monitors to the control points connected devices

Additional Components
MDA-Plugs have widely used communication hardware interfaces, therefore MDA Automation automation system supports comprehensive products range. With MDA-Plugs, energy meters, sensors, detectors, switches, dimable lightings are some of products which can be controlled, monitored and reported. Sensors are the most useful components of automation and MDA Automation automation system supports the sensor below.

Motion Sensor
Occupancy Sensor
Vacancy Sensor
Presence Detectors
Ambient Light Sensor
Heat Sensor
Smoke Sensor


Easy installation to devices
Remote control via Wi- fi or Local Area Network
Optional system adaptation
Employability +10.000 lighting armature
Inter-connectivity with other possible products
Convenient control with multiple interfaces via pc or mobile phones
Easy to control whole lighting system via remote control system
Ability to observe unexpected conditions or failure of the lighting armatures
Controllable usage and saving of the energy for all lighting system
One control point to monitor all sensors and loads
No cabling expenses thanks to wireless system
Low cost construction of the system
Easy to change system components in fault condition
Providing great convenience to add new components such as armatures
MDA Automation System Technical Datasheet Download