MIDPOWER is a busbar system including high technology. System has an air insulated structure. Protective and carrier Box has been produced from Eloxal Aluminum generally. Eloxal coated aluminum has quick cooling capability.

It is a technical structure transmitting the heat occurring on Busbar System into cooler box in advance, and then, transferring this temperature into the environment with air current from there, and minimizing Electrical losses of the System. This structure increases the efficiency of the system.

MIDPOWER has highest surface and cross section of CUPONALTM bar Class used in the busbar transmission and distribution systems. With this feature, MIDPOWER busbar system has been designed in compliance with short term current carrying capacity much more than proposed amperage. The system is composed of two separate boxes having 160-800 Amperes of current carrying capacity.

5th bar is offered as full section standard for Clean ground structure in MIDPOWER busbar transmission and distribution systems designed for copper bar. Furthermore, it can be also used as an extra grounding in the Carrying box.

CUPONALTM bar is a highly efficient conductor minimizing losses that are likely to occur by transferring composed heat very quickly.

MIDPOWER is certified by KEMA-DEKRA full type test certificate in the IEC EN 61439-6 standard.

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