This system, which is designed for transmission and distribution in low powers and currents, has been designed as 40-63 and100 Amperes.

It harmonizes contemporarily with your designs through its elegant and eloxal coated body.

Lighting Busbar Systems: Lighting busbars are the systems designed for feeding lighting fittings in the plants.

It is very practical and easy to perform assembly, maintenance, automation and replacement of the fittings.

Lighting units are fed by fitting output plugs attached to the output points on the busbar body.

Phase grouping or balanced loading is ensured by selecting the output plug belonging to suitable phase order.

Furthermore, fittings are carried with busbar body through Simple and modular fitting hanger clips.

LOWPOWER Lighting distribution busbars are manufactured in the current values between 40 A. and 100 A.

You can design energy and control of lighting systems without using any cable, you can integrate them with MDA automation.

LOWPOWER ensures an unproblematic transmission with CUPONAL conductors with patented conductor that is composed of 5 bars. You can feed any receiver with outlet box for which 3 various phase current receiving plug and 80 Ampere of outlet can be received, and can command it wirelessly.

LOWPOWER is certified by KEMA-DEKRA full type test certificate in the IEC EN 61439-6 standard.

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