HIGHPOWER is high mechanical and electric resistant busbar system designed in the capacity carrying 800-6300 Ampere of current. System has a Compact structure. Protective and carrier Box has been produced from Eloxal Aluminum generally. Eloxal coated aluminum has quick cooling capability.

It is a technical structure transmitting the heat occurring on Busbar System into cooler box in advance, and then, transferring this temperature into the environment with air current from there, and minimizing Electrical losses of the System. This structure increases the efficiency of the system.

Insulation structure used as standard in HIGHPOWER busbar transmission and distribution systems is HYBRID INSULATION which is composed of combination of HIGH ELECTRICAL INSULATED PAINT® + TEFLON® FILM materials. This structure is very high thermal and electrical insulation that is unique in its Class on the production of Busbar systems.

An excellent thermal and electrical insulation is obtained by wrapping this structure with HIGH ELECTRICAL INSULATED PAINT® and then TEFLON® BAND applied automatically on the bar.

The most important issue of busbar systems is thermal and electrical insulation. While thermal insulation ensures quick transfer of occurring temperature, it minimizes the losses which will occur by transforming into short circuit and heat electrically as well. This insulation adds High Efficiency into Busbar system.

HIGHPOWER is certified by KEMA-DEKRA full type test certificate in the IEC EN 61439-6 standard.


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