About NEP


NEP COMPANY is a company which develops technologies for distribution, control and automation panels ASP; power transmission and distribution control systems HIGHPOWER, MIDPOWER and LOWPOWER;automation system of lightings, power and distribution systems named MDA (Multi-Device Automation).Distribution and control of energy distribution is becoming increasingly important.

Along with the continuous development of technology, more commonly encountered power quality problems become more important challenge day after day. Improvements which is made for increasing production capacity and efficiency becomes crucial for the user. According to industry operations, power quality means uninterrupted operation of the processes and protecting devices from faults.

Electrical energy is most used product in commercial and industrial. Electricity consumptionshould be constantly activated. Storing a large amount of power, under the current circumstances is not possible, so it should be consumed as soon as the electrical energy produced. 20 To ensure utilization and efficiency of electrical energy, it should be controlled very well, according to specifications and standards for generation, transmission, distribution in high reliability applications. Main currents cannot be controlled due to load values but voltages on load are controllable. Hence the supply voltage is required to provide a set of standards which are already set. Alternating current system is designed to operate at the specific frequencies (50-60 Hz) and certain voltage amplitude. As a result, the voltage amplitude, frequency or wave-form distortion causes power quality problems. Although generators supply near-perfect sinusoidal voltages, grid impedance and loads causes harmonic distortions.

NEP offers necessary technology solution to customers which are need controlled and corrected of all these energy weaknesses. NEP presents a unique total solution with ASP, power transmission distribution panels and control systems HIGHPOWER, MIDPOWER and LOWPOWER, MDA (Multi-Device Automation) which is the automation system for lightings, power and distribution systems. Busbar Systems; horizontal and vertical structure according to the intended use of the electrical system within the various systems including devices and supplies power values are used. These types of electrical installations in buildings that are important to qualified, reliable supply of energy. To meet the great demand for energy in horizontal and vertical structures, LV / HV transport cables are necessary to supply the desired power and distance in relation to the size of the electrical energy throughout the building. Because of difficulties at the large diameter cable, the standard current value held by busbar systems are preferably used instead of cables.